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Water Heater Repair & Installation

We have water heaters in our homes so we can have easy access to heated water. This brings us the ability to enjoy hot water to clean our homes, clothing, and groom ourselves. Home comfort is important to all Houston home owners. Having hot water is one of the necessities in achieving a comfortable and clean living environment. When problems occur with your hot water heater, it puts you in danger of losing the only source of hot water for your home. Our professional plumbing contractors are here to make sure you never have to experience this. We can do this is a number of ways, but most importantly is to keep your water heater unit maintained and cleaned out if you're on a tank water heater system. We can also provide you with repairs that will help you ensure your water heater functions properly and is giving you the most it's capable of in energy savings.

If you need a professional Houston water heater installation or replacement, we'd also be glad to help you. You may be looking at options in tankless systems for additional access to quick and efficient hot water at a separate location from the rest of the home like a garage apartment, guest house, or for outdoor use. From electric water heaters, tankless water heaters, and gas water heaters to solar hot water heaters, our experts have the ability and skill to provide you with any type of water heater service that you may require. We know how to help you select and install just the right unit for your Texas home.

Our Houston Water Heater Services

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  • Storage Water Heaters
  • Water Heater Installation
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  • Plumbing Installation

Why Houston Should Hire Us for Water Heaters

At Texas Quality Plumbing, we want our clients to be completely satisfied with our services so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our plumbing services including water heater repair and installations. When you need any type of plumbing service, whether it be plumbing installation, drain cleaning, water heater repairs or an installation of a brand new water heater, you can count on our Houston plumbers to serve you well. We are licensed and insured and fully certified to work on your plumbing systems. Since 2007, we have professionally helped homeowners to gain control over the plumbing systems in their homes, always putting our customers first. We pay attention to quality of workmanship, safety, our attitude, our reputation, and being the best team of professional plumbers in the area. Let us know what we can do for you and we'll show you why we're quickly becoming the premier Houston plumbers you can count on when you're looking for excellent service!

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