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 Houston ToiletsYour toilet may need repairing for any number of problems that arise including the breaking of parts on the inside of the tank as well as the toilet structure itself cracking or forming hairline cracks due to ground shifts.

The earth vibrates constantly, and sometimes the toilet isn't anchored properly to where when used it will slightly shift around. This can cause small cracks in the toilet structure, but they can also be caused by other things like simply getting old or the trap getting clogged with material that mistreats the structure.

Other reasons your toilet may need repair or replacement can be because it's suffered a blunt force trauma, had poorly done repairs that damaged it, or an improper amount of weight shifted around on it abruptly.

Unfortunately, many times the crack in the toilet can't be seen, so this means you'll wind up with a pool of water on the floor regularly that seems to have no cause. The commode is likely made of porcelain, so it is a material that can get damaged if hit or dropped.

Leaky commodes or toilets are not only expensive on your water bill and wasteful (up to 8100 gallons/yr), they're also going to be the cause of other damage to your home including damaged flooring, rust and corrosion to pipes and anything metal exposed to the leak, rotting wood in walls near the floor and more.

Get your leaky toilet repaired or replaced in Houston right away because even small, hairline cracks can suddenly break apart and you'll have a true flood in your home to deal with! Mold is a dangerous substance that loves moist, warm places to thrive and your floor or wall space after a leak is the prime area for this stuff to grow.

If you call our professional plumbers, we can save you money with our repairs because most new leaks can be fixed instead of replacing your entire toilet. But many plumbing companies don't want to bother or don't know how to make the repair so they just try to sell the homeowner on buying a replacement.

When you need Houston toilet repairs or installation, we provide service on all makes and models of toilets. Our repairs are of the highest quality, using only the best in parts. We offer you quality toilet replacements as well, so you can have your leaky old toilet replaced if it's something you prefer to do.

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Why Houston Should Hire Us for Toilet Repairs and Installations

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority here at Texas Quality Plumbing. Our professional Houston plumbers always respect your home, schedule and needs. We know that your life can be hectic and we respect that. We will make appointments around your schedule at a time that is convenient for you. We'll arrive on time and make the toilet repairs, new installation, or replacement quickly with as little interruption to your life as possible.

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