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At Texas Quality Plumbing, we take care and provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to service your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All of our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. Our Houston plumbers are highly trained and well-versed in all aspects of plumbing services.

Toilet Repair & Installation

 Houston ToiletsLeaky toilets are annoying to have to listen to when you're constantly having to hear the water fill in the toilet tanks. If your toilet leaks, it may have a hairline crack in it. If so, you'll need to have it replaced quickly or you'll end up with a huge mess to deal with! Give us a call and we can repair or replace your commode for you in no time at all.


Faucet Repair & Installation

 Houston FaucetsFaucets get rusty over time, whether on the outside or inside of the faucet. Faucet gaskets commonly age and get hardened or no longer seal the faucet, keeping it from leaking. Whether you're interested in repairing the faucet or replacing it, our plumbers can assist you any time.


Gas Line Repair & Installation

 Houston Gas LinesOur Houston plumbing services include repair and replacement of the gas lines you are responsible for as a homeowner. While the gas service provider company will repair equipment to your meter, equipment that's attached to your home or in your home has to be repaired by a professional you hire. We're experienced, licensed, and certified where necessary to work on your home's gas lines.


Professional Re-Piping

 Houston Re-PipingsRe-piping can be a big job because the pipes in your home have to be removed and replaced. Over time, plumbing pipes and systems age, and depending on the materials and how old your pipes are will need to be replaced at some point. If your home has old pipes, you'll benefit hugely through our re-piping services. Old pipes deliver rusted, mineral filled, scale polluted water for you to drink. Don't put up with that nasty water any longer. Get your home fitted with replacement pipes and you'll be amazed at the difference in taste of your water!


Sinks Installation & Repair

 Houston SinkssWhether it's the bathroom sink or the kitchen sink you're wanting to replace or install, our professional plumbers would love the opportunity to handle your plumbing needs and do the job for you. There are many high quality, beautiful sinks on the market for you to choose from, so if you want something unique you'll not have a hard time finding it! We can help you replace your sink or make repairs to it if you prefer to keep it.


Leaks Detection & Repair

 Houston Plumbing LeaksLeaks can occur anywhere at anytime. Because of this, it can often be difficult to detect leaks. Our professional plumbers are fully equipped with the latest technology to detect your slab leaks.


Showers & Bathtub Installation

 Houston Showers & BathtubsWhether you want your showers and bathtubs replaced or repaired, our technicians can help you. We provide full service plumbing including shower and bathtub replacements or repairs.


Yard Drains Installation & Maintenance

 Houston Yard DrainsWhether it's a sump pump or some other type of water storage or removal system in your yard, our professional plumbers can repair and maintain it for you, as well as offer you solutions if you don't have a yard drain yet. These systems are all built to collect and route rainwater away from your home's foundation. Many need to be maintained with debris removal and the motors checked for proper function. Our plumbers can install, fix, or replace you yard drains.


Garbage Disposals

 Houston Garbage DisposalsEven the best garbage disposal has a lifetime use, so at some point in time the one you have will need to be replaced. You may think about handling this on your own, but you're likely to find you wind up on your back, yelling for someone to hand you a wrench so you don't have to get up from that uncomfortable positions yourself. Why not let our professional plumbers handle installing your garbage for you instead?


Professional Drain Cleaning

 Houston Drain CleaningWhen you need your drains cleaned, you'll be experiencing some problems that you'd rather not have to face. Clogged drains mean your wastewater has nowhere to go but back up, and that's not only frustrating, it can be miserable! Our professional services include drain cleaning which will ensure your pipes are cleaned out and flowing smoothly at all time.


Water Filtration Systems

 Houston Filtration SystemsThe indoor air quality of your home matters, and the best way to get it cleaned up is through filtration systems. The air purification systems can alleviate dust particles, pollutants, allergens, dust mites, and more so your indoor air is as pure as possible to breath.


Water Heaters

 Houston Water HeatersWhether you're on a water heater tank system or a point of use hot water system, our professionals can repair or replace all water heater brands. When your tank has seen the last of its lifetime, you often get really bad tasting water that's full of scale and limestone. Instead of bad water, why not get your water heaters cleaned out thoroughly today!


Tankless Water Heaters

 Houston Tankless Water HeatersAre you interested in the possibility of getting a tankless water heater system for your home? Have you been waiting to get one until you hear from others whether they liked them or not? At Texas Quality Plumbing, we understand why you'd want to install a tankless system, so we offer you services on this type of unit. You'll have many options in sizes available including whole home systems or units that only service one small sink area.


Under Slab Repairs

 Houston Under Slab RepairsLeaks that happen in or under your slab are not only frustrating, they're very difficult to repair. Plus, many times they're very difficult to detect too. If your water bill jumped for no apparent reason, you could have a leak going on underneath your slab. We have the tools need to pinpoint the slab leak exactly and make the repairs as quickly as possible. With our state of the art equipment, we won't have to tear through your home's foundation to find the leak!


Membership Plan

Houston Memeber's Club

Our Quality Club Membership gives you the option of saving money on different services like annual inspections, repairs, and service fee reductions. You'll also have many benefits such as a free annual inspection, and higher quality guarantees. Give us a call any time you like and we'll go over the details with you.


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