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Guide To Owning & Maintaining Home Gas Lines

Guide To Owning & Maintaining Home Gas Lines

Are you new to owning a home with gas lines? Our Houston plumbers would like you to know some things about gas lines that are important for home safety. For one, you will be responsible for the section of natural gas pipeline that is located in and around your home. Many homeowners don't realize this.

Something else you should know is that gas leaks can cause an explosion or kill you with toxic methane. It is an odorless substance that you won't smell. The natural gas supply company adds mercaptan to the natural gas in order to make it smell similar to rotten eggs or sulfur. Here are some other things you need to know about owning and maintain your home's gas lines.

Gas Line Testing & Inspection For Safety

If you are new to owning gas-fueled appliances, you may not know about the necessary inspections. Any home with gas lines will need to be professionally tested and inspected for safety. Testing for gas line leaks and the carbon monoxide byproduct of gas-fueled appliances should be done yearly to ensure the system is working safely.

What Not To Do If You Have Gas Lines

Don't store anything near the gas lines. Gas lines can get crimped when heavy objects fall on them or get pushed into them.

Never work on gas lines yourself. Some home hacks are fine, but not when it comes to gas lines. Even home repair professionals must be licensed gas fitters in order to do gas line work legally. While the gas pipes may seem simple enough and you may think you're a handy type of person, working on gas lines without the necessary training and apprenticeship period can be lethal.

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